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SCI - Grade One

The Shachah Certified Instructors Course - Grade One (SCI-G1) is a two day course conducted by Magrate Yap and her team of selected instructors. It was initiated to recognize an individual's spiritual and practical understanding of the knowledge and skills to lead, direct, and train worshipers and worship teams in the area of the creative arts. Magrate will be fine tuning and polishing the techniques and different disciplines (worship tools and dance) in the syllabus. She will also be sharing leadership keys and ideas to encourage you in your ministry. There are 3 grades of Instructors and the requirements for each grade is dependent upon your personal success at each level. This will allow you to strategize and plan you course of action to accumulate all the necessary disciplines offered by Shachah in order to be a fully certified Shachah Instructor.

Course Description:

  • Workshops will be conducted to clarify and polish the Shachah syllabi.
  • Changes and addition to the syllabi will be implemented and taught.
  • Explanation of certain movements to enable better execution.
  • Establish Shachah's expectation by addressing current good and bad habits.
  • Impart teaching skills to build your confidence as an instructor.
  • Personal instruction to improve your technique will be available.
  • Information on how Shachah plans to facilitate you in your ministry.
Course Certification:
  • Upon completion of all the mandatory courses and upon passing the Theory Test, the participant will:
    • Receive a Shachah Grade 1 Instructors Certificate valid for 3 years. Renewal is required thereafter.
    • Be listed as a Shachah Certified Instructor for Grade 1.
    • May list this qualification on his/her own business or ministry information.
    • Have access to a Teacher's Only ongoing support and continuing education in the Shachah Syllabi.
Course Requirements for SCI Grade 1:
  • Completed 5 of the 8 prerequisites (refer to Course Prerequisites).
  • If you do not meet the necessary assessment requirements please arrange with Shachah Office (972-230-6519) to schedule your assessment prior to the course. You will need to pay the assessment fees accordingly (separate fee from SCI course, please refer to Assessment Fees).
  • Please click here for more Information or to Register for Assessments.
  • Application Form - Please refer to 'SCI application form' under Forms on our Shachah Website (www.shachah.org).
  • Course Fees - Pay in full to secure a place for you. Course Fee includes:(course fees are not refundable).
    • SCI Manual.
    • SCI Edition of Syllabi.
  • SCI Course Fee: $200.00 (US).
  • SCI Theory Exam Fees: $75.00 (US).
Course Materials (please bring the following):
  • Bible.
  • Spiral Bound Notebook.
  • All previous graded Assessments Packages in folders.
  • Pen, pencils, erasers, color pencils.
  • Extra cash to purchase items you may need for the course.
  • Reminder: Relevant Course Manuals for Assessments.
Course Attire:
  • Shachah T-Shirt / Black Palazzos / Black Pants.
  • Dance Sneakers or Shoes.
  • Keep Hair neat and Tidy (Hair must be away from face and secured).
  • Wedding Band ONLY. No other Jewelry. No watches.

Terms & Conditions:
  • Registration is complete only when full payment is received
  • Course fees DO NOT include any manuals, worship tools, other resource materials, transportation, housing, meals or beverages
  • Course fee is not refundable for any reason, but transferable to another participant paying equivalent fee with prior approval from Shachah
  • No audio video recording are allowed in any sessions
  • No child care is provided
  • Participant must be 16 years and older to attend
  • Group discount is not available
  • Shachah does not loan out resource materials or worship tools
  • All sessions at the course will involve vigorous physical activity and participants are encouraged to consult their physicians before attending the course
  • Shachah assumes no responsibility or liability for any injury or harm that may result from attending and participating in the sessions at the course.