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Course Prerequisites for SCI Grade One:

  • Participants should have completed all the required disciplines in order to attend SCI Grade One. The reason being this will be an intense training and polishing time to raise the standard of worship in excellence and precision.

  • Complete ALL or at least 5 of the following with a VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT grade:
    • Tambourine Beginner
    • Tambourine Intermediate
    • Flag Twirling Beginner
    • Flag Twirling Intermediate
    • Twirl Streamers
    • Children's Tambourine Beginner
    • Worship in Movement 1
    • Interpretive Scripture: Psalm 1 (Fee is included in Children's Tambourine Beginner Assessment)

  • Please Click here for more Information and to Register for Assessments.

  • Note: If you have completed levels other than the ones required, they will not be admissible as subst0itution. Only assessments graded by Shachah will be accepted (proof is required). The mandatory grades for all required assessments must be 'Very Good' or 'Excellent'. If you received any grade other than what is required, you will have to be re-assessed for that particular level only in the set syllabus section prior to the course. Additional assessment fees will apply.